I am probably about to be controversial

I’m confused. Headline this morning on the BBC New site – “Fire brigades ‘must do more to improve racial diversity’ – minister”.
Whilst I am all in favour of giving anyone and everyone the chance? to reach their potential, surely this area of work – like any other, should be based on suitability for the job. I also wonder how a campaign would be run – would the job centres latch on to someone from a ‘minority group’ thinking “Ooo, here’s a possible!” and ask them if they would like to join the fire service? What should happen, in this as in all areas of employment, is that the same tests and checks should be applied to all applicants and may the best ‘person’ for the job win. Kinda like ‘The Voice’ where, in the Blind Auditions, the only thing the ‘Coaches’ know about contestants is their voices. I was under the impression that all anyone really wanted was equality and the opportunity to do a job well but what do I know.