Journey to a New Life – Part Nine (Birthdays)

So today we are celebrating the first of our birthdays since we moved here.? It was mostly just like any other birthday, apart from the fact that cards are still on their way due to not really knowing how long these things take, in reality, to make the trip.? Some did arrive, however, and were there on the breakfast table awaiting the recipient’s arrival.? Just today, of course, she decided to sleep until midday.? Actually sleep.? So we had to wait quite a while for The Ceremony of the Opening of the Cards.? There was another hold-up whilst the Birthday Girl had a Skype call with her brother and then one more whilst she ate breakfast.? To be honest, it was mostly the cup of coffee, but Special Birthday Breakfast was also there – steak, mushrooms, toast and coddled eggs (thanks again BIL).

It’s rather grounding, having a birthday in the house so soon after moving in.? The whole thing has been such an adventure that it took something as normal as this to make me realise that we are home.? It still seems a bit of a dream or an extended holiday, but this is it.? Soon it will be Christmas, then New Year and into the next cycle of birthdays and we’ll still be here.? For now, we’ll head out for that meal tonight at our favourite restaurant and …


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  1. Why thank you, I shall endeavour to be suitably high-spirited 🙂
    I’ve been sorting through stuff in my study today and have come across photographs and theatre programmes from my late teens/early twenties – bit of a trip down memory lane, a lot of smiles raised (especially the photo of me donking Dorothy with the donking stick!)

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