Why are the roads – except one – so empty?

Over the course of the last week to ten days I have been out and about on various errands.? I have now become aware of the best times to go out, based on the rush hours and when children will be going to/leaving school.? It’s quite a pleasure to sail down the roads around where I live, safe in the knowledge that I will not meet the Pick-up Brigade in their estate cars and SUVs but with no discernible brain activity, or have to be careful near crossings in case a hoard of teenagers try to tempt fate in order to traverse the road.? No such traumas at other times of the day.

One trip was to my dad, which involves the M25.? I have been making this trip once a week for a month or so now and am genuinely amazed at how easy – if long – it is, now that the kiosks have gone from the Dartford Crossing.? Traffic flow is so much better and, even if there is a build up, it’s short lived and rarely, if ever, at a standstill.? Last week, however, there was a ton of traffic at the tunnel and breathing lorry fumes is not my favourite pastime.? Thank goodness for recycled air in the car.? As I looked around, it became obvious that the lorries only accounted for about half the vehicles on the road.? Many of the rest were women drivers with children in the back.? A sudden realisation crept over me.? It was half term!? Not being at school any more, holidays are not a thing on which I focus any longer.? It was, therefore, a revelation that we had reach half term and I was totally unaware of the event.? Whilst at school, I would have been counting the days, possibly ticking a mental chart.? Now, I have to be careful to make sure that time doesn’t fly by without it having been used fruitfully.

Still,? back to normal now.? Children back in the tender care of their teachers and daytime activity down to an acceptable level.? I can safely go shopping after lunch.? And breathe …

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